Julia M. Becker

My life work is about honoring, nourishing and living within the imagination.
My personal philosophy is that art and artmaking are (hopefully) dynamic
living entities that require, and activate, exploration. Art is also communication;
a catalyst or venue for exchange of meaning. Art and artmaking may serve as
a sounding apparatus among diverse realities. For me, art serves as a process
and venue for seeking truth... and often raises the question of truth; ...
what is truth? Art has the potential of being a catalytic experience;
of increasing awareness and causing a shift or transformation within the maker
and possibly the viewer (I can only speak from my own experience).

My process is intuitive, experimental and explorative, with the structure
and quality of everyday events and environments informing the work. These
include domestic, urban, and 'nature', as well as current events and news in the
media; relationships; environmental and political issues and feelings; studies of,
and experiences of, a physiological nature; and travel and dreams of travel.

Within this webpage you will find bodies of work spanning 35 years including painting,
installation, printmaking, drawing, additional works on paper, sculpture, video, etc.
The scale ranges from 3" x 5" to 15' x 68' and larger installations.
You may click any of the images above to move into more detailed pages.
Thanks for being here. Happy journeying.

New York Apartment
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