Julia M. Becker
Film and Video

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Eula Swinging is a short film documenting the
changing expressions of a girl with disabilities swinging in a hanging chair
on a summer afternoon. This film won first place in the 3-5 minute
documentary category at the 2008 Hi-Line Film Festival in Havre, Montana

Watch Eula Swinging here
or through this link to youtube.com.

Somewhereabouts is a short hand painted animation from 1988. Julia's hundreds of paintings
and paper puppets create a vibrant non-stop action which is fun and delicious! Conceived, created and
shot on 16 mm film by Julia Becker, sound dubbed on videotape by Joe Biehl.
The soundtrack, 911 is a Joke by Public Enemy (Copyright 1990 CBS Records and used by permission)
was added long before the events of 9/11.

For this film Julia received an Honorable Mention Award at The Rochester
International Film and Video Festival: Movies on a Shoestring
at Rochester, New York in 1991;
an Emerging Artist Award at the 1991 Humboldt International Film and Video Festival
at Humboldt, California; and the Peoplesí Choice Award at the 1991 No Budget Short
Film Festival
in Hamburg, Germany.
Time: 2:44

Watch Somewhereabouts here
or through this link to youtube.com.

Watch the setup and takedown of the Modern Nomad tent during the Caravan Project tour of 1995.
Julia's insights and interpretations are complemented by the observations of four young men at Miles City.
This footage was originally filmed for the Caravan by Lynne Merrick at Helena, Miles City, and Simms, Montana.
The time code could not be removed from the VHS copies available.
Time: 16:03

Watch Julia's talk at the opening reception of Flowebb, or a visual tour of
the exhibit at Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, July 20, 2005 on the Flowebb page.

Watch Julia's talk at the Artini reception for Root Orbit: Where the Spirit Meets the Bone
at the Missoula Art Museum, June 19, 2008 on the Root Orbit page.